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This is the breakdown of the Affordable Web Design UK Deal cost:

  • 83.33p per day
  • £25.00 per month
  • £75.00 every 3 months
  • £150.00 every 6 months
  • £300.00 every 12 months

Your business virtual representative that will work tirelessly for you even when you are sleeping, 24/7.
We challenge you to find a more cost-effective way to boost your local business.
You get the first year for FREE, £300 of saving in your pocket.


Yes, absolutely:-) When we begin building the website we ask for a deposit of £150.00.
When the website is ready and published on the live server, you can pay us the balance of £150.00.
And you also get the first year of our dedicated web care plan totally FREE of charge, £300 saving in your pocket.


Our dedicated website care plan covers everything you need to have your site live 24/7:
Hosting, domain name administration (when applicable), security, daily backups, Google ranking reports and support.
As a part of our deal, we give you the first year of our care plan totally FREE for you 🙂

Our website care plan costs £300 per year, on a monthly basis it's £25, comparable to most of the mobile phone deals.
When the first year is over, you can opt for one of the 2 payment options:

  • Semi-Annually £150
  • Annually £300

All website design and hosting expenses are fully tax-deductible. Let's do some maths: The minimum tax rate in the U.K. is 20%.
Subtracting the Affordable Web Design UK annual fee from your income saves you £60 per year, as a result of £300X20:100. So, the actual overhead for you is £120 semi-annually or £240 annually.

No 🙂 for the simple reason that we are not VAT registered, we wanted to give another advantage
to the vast majority of small businesses that are not VAT registered.
Another nice saving for you 🙂

Yes:-) We have the most generous affiliate program on the Internet.
You won't find anything like this elsewhere...
Just introduce us a new client who buys any of our website package deals, and you will get
a full year of your website care plan for FREE.
Eg: your renewal date is on 29th June 2024 we move it to 29th June 2025
for a super nice saving of £300 in your pocket:-)

We normally use professional looking premade website templates that we can slightly modify to make the website for our clients unique.

You can even show us a website layout that you really like and we can try to reproduce a similar one for your site... as you can see we are super flexible 🙂

When you use these point and click software you have to accept the modules available as they are and the chance to get exactly the layout you want are very low. You have also to learn how to use the web builder, go through all different settings, etc. etc.

On the contrary we build the site for you saving you weeks of learning, we believe that you are supposed to be busy on setting up your business and not learning how to use a web software to build your own website.

We offer a personalised approach and listen to your needs, with us you are not left alone.
Further we have proves that WordPress is far superior as per SEO friendliness compared to those online web builders and Google really love WordPress so the chance to get a good local ranking are higher with us, just add our expertise to the mix and you are in very good hands 🙂

Our website package deal cover all the essential features a small business website need:

You can require all of some of the features listed below at no additional cost. In case your business grow and you plan to add more features/functionalities to your website you will get a detailed quotation for the job.

  • Three to Five pages website, typically home, about, services, gallery, testimonials and contact page
  • Location Map to show your customers where you are
  • Basic Online Contact Form that send you notifications any time you have an enquiry
  • Photo Gallery to display your products or services
  • Sliders for Photos and/or Videos
  • Social Networks Integration (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, etc. etc.) if you have joined any of the mentioned social networks we can link them from your website
  • Social networks sharing icons to drive more traffic to your website
  • Display of few testimonials
  • Blog, if you like the idea to frequently update your content
  • Business email address with your business name in it like:
  • Gmail connection with your business email

All websites we build are also responsive and so accessible at any screen size like mobiles, tablets and standard computers.

All new websites are also secured by SSL, you will get the Secure |
to give total security to any visitor who has to fill any form in your website.
SSL in simple terms mean that any data sent using your website is encrypted.
This is also very important if you plan to get payments from your website in the future.

No, let's assume some scenarios where we can definitely help:

  • You have an old fashion HTML website and you want to convert it to WordPress,
    contact us we would love do the job for you assuming the site
    has similar features matching the one we offer by default
  • You already have a WordPress website but you want to change the look and feel
  • You are happy with your WordPress site but are interested in
    our website care plan without requiring us any building job
    in this case you can simply apply for our service contract provided
    by our parent company Ciaoweb starting at £75 per quarter.

Off course 🙂
Let's assume your domain name is, you can get an email like
But we do even more for you... we can connect Gmail with your email.
The advantage for you is to receive your messages in your Gmail inbox that you can access
from your mobile, tablet and standard computer or MAC.
You only need to create a Google account to get Gmail, literally a ten minutes job.
If you don't know how to do it we can help on creating the account for you.

The website care plan is provided by our parent company Ciaoweb find all details in this page: Ciaoweb Website Care Plan

Here is a list of all services included:

  • Top Class personal support
  • Hosting account
  • Domain name administration (when applicable in case you want us to administer the domain name)
  • WordPress core and plugins updates
  • Premium Plugins FREE to use (see on this page how much you can save with us: Premium plugins)
  • Google Ranking & Google Analytics weekly reports (You'll get beautiful reports in PDF
    to find out how your site is ranked by Google and how much traffic you are getting)
  • Anti Hackers/Malware security scans (We install Wordfence security to all of our client websites)
  • Google Webmaster Tools (Not many website providers take care to inform Google about your site... we do :-))
  • Daily backups service with the chance to restore your site at previous versions in case of disaster
  • Gmail: Get your website email address messages displayed in your Gmail Inbox, check around and see
    if any of our competitors offer you this crucially important service... we are confident on telling you that you won't find any.

Off course! We use the best content management system on the market to power your website: WordPress.
It is used today in nearly 30% of all websites of the whole Internet.
It is very famous because it is very user friendly, we provide a FREE hour of training
about the essential things to know to edit the website content yourself.

We do provide support Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm GMT.

  • We provide FREE support for any issue related with the WordPress website or the server
  • We don't provide FREE support for any support request unrelated with the website or the server
  • We provide PAID support any time the issue is clearly caused by a plugin not installed by us but by the customer.
    E.g: website break after installing or updating a plugin

We don't provide FREE support for adding new or editing existing content eg: a new WordPress page or a blog post
or editing the content in an existing page. In this specific case we charge an hourly rate of £30.00
for any job that require one hour or less of our time.
By the way we encourage our clients to do easy editing job themselves to save money.

We are based in the U.K.

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